As Sick as Our Secrets

Secrets.jpgOn Monday I started reading As Sick as Our Secrets, written by bestselling author A.B. Whelan, and I finished the book last night. I felt like this was a quick read – I read for around an hour every night this week – but it definitely didn’t lack content.

As Sick as Our Secrets is described as a “fast-paced thriller with strong characters,” which I found to be completely true. The book starts introducing two of the main characters, and a third one towards the middle. The three main characters, Olivia, Ashley and Betty, come from very different walks of life but work together to unveil a serial killer, whom Olivia knows very well – her husband.

After discovering her husband’s secret, Olivia trusts Ashley and Betty to help her discover the truth. I read so many suspense books I don’t often feel scared while reading them, but as these women were doing their undercover detective work my heart started beating quickly more than once.

I thought As Sick as Our Secrets was the right amount of suspense, mixed with enough drama to keep me interested through the entire book. I was really impressed with the writing of A.B. Whelan, and I’ll definitely be checking out more of her books in the future! I also need to add that this book is part of Kindle Unlimited – so I got to read this one for free :)!

If you’re interested in purchasing this book, check it out here!


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