The Purpose Driven Life

I 10/10 recommend Rick Warren’s The Purpose Driven Life.

I bought this book soon after we moved to Austin, TX from MN. Moving across the country with my fiance’ to a place that was unknown to us was equally exciting as it was unnerving. I remember the day that I bought this book from Barnes and Noble, and it was exactly what I needed.

The Purpose Driven Life gives us an understanding of how God has a purpose for all of us, and helps us find it.Purpose Driven Life.jpg

There are 40 chapters in the book, and Rick Warren challenges you to read only one chapter each day to give us time to think and apply what we just read. This challenge was super hard for me – when I start a book I don’t want to put it down! In the long run, I knew that there was a reason for it, and I’m grateful that I decided to follow it.

At the end of each chapter is a question to consider, which is related to how you are going to apply what you just read to your life. Each chapter is meant to get you closer to finding your purpose, and how you will be growing closer to God as you do so.

The Purpose Driven Life helped me see things differently, but I didn’t feel like it was a “self help” type of book. Everything that I read felt very genuine, and I found myself excited for the question to consider at the end of each chapter and thinking about how I was going to apply it to my life the next day.

For anyone that wants to start living The Purpose Driven Life, this is something that I recommend!


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