The Perfect Husband

I absolutely love reading on my Kindle for many reasons, one of them being that I’m given book recommendations that are usually spot on! My latest recommendation was The Perfect Husband, by author Buffy Andrews, which I would describe as a psychological thriller, and at $2.99 it was a book that I couldn’t pass up!

Suspense/Psychological Thriller books are my favorite genre to read, but many times I find that the suspense is either too drawn out that I’ve lost interest by the end of the book, or it’s too short and I find myself wishing that the book was longer. The Perfect Husband provided a perfect amount of detail, in the right amount of pages.

During the first few chapters, we’re introduced to the relatable main character, and are given a glimpse into her dating life with a few laughable stories which keeps the beginning of the book light.

Early in the book the main character finds herself in a new relationship, as I continued I soon realized that everything wasn’t as it seemed, and we are introduced to an unraveling twist. The twist of the book is revealed at a great time; there was enough time left to tie everything together, without drawing it out.

The final conclusion of the book leaves readers with an emotional message, “you survived, you’re a winner, you matter.” To make sense of the final sentence – check out The Perfect Husband!



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