Tell Me a Secret

Tell Me a Secret.jpgTell Me a Secret, by author Samantha Hayes is described as “a gripping psychological thriller with heart-stopping mystery and suspense,” and I completely agree.

I’m a fan of authors using the first few pages of the book to bring the reader up to date with the past, which Tell Me a Secret does. It gives me insight into why the characters are the way they are.

After hearing about the past, we’re brought back to present day to learn about one of the seemingly perfect main characters, Lorna, who has a huge secret to hide from her past. She thinks she is doing a great job at hiding it, and thought she had tied up all of her loose ends. After meeting Lorna, we’re introduced to Nikki.

Throughout the whole book I was trying to figure out how Lorna and Nikki were connected – author Samantha Hayes did a great job at revealing enough information that you were able to come up with your own theories about their relationship, but left enough out so that you were completed shocked when you found out the truth at the end.

We hear from both Lorna and Nikki throughout Tell Me a Secretand I love how we get two views of the same situation. I definitely recommend reading this book to find out how their lives are intertwined, and what secret Lorna is trying to hide!



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