Welcome to Between the Pages!

IMG_0676.jpgSince an early age, I’ve always felt comfortable with my nose in a book. My favorite genre is mystery; I started out with Nancy Drew, and moved on to Sue Grafton. I think that my love of reading was passed down to me from my Grandma D – as long as I can remember she’s always had a comfy spot by her front window where she reads her latest book; often times when I’m reading I think of her in that spot and I immediately feel relaxed.

In the photo to the left is my fiance’ Shawn, who encouraged me to start this blog. As new residents of Austin, TX (from Minnesota), we enjoy reading together on our balcony while soaking up the 100 degree weather and enjoying the view! IMG_1518.JPG

I’m using this blog as a place to keep track of what I’ve read, as well as to make recommendations to those that are interested! I’ve always loved to read, and I’m excited to connect with others that feel the same way!



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