Welcome to Between the Pages!

IMG_0676.jpgSince an early age, I’ve always felt comfortable with my nose in a book. My favorite genre is mystery; I started out with Nancy Drew, and moved on to Sue Grafton. I think that my love of reading was passed down to me from my Grandma D – as long as I can remember she’s always had a comfy spot by her front window where she reads her latest book; often times when I’m reading I think of her in that spot and I immediately feel relaxed.

In the photo to the left is my fiance’ Shawn, who encouraged me to start this blog. As new residents of Austin, TX (from Minnesota), we enjoy reading together on our balcony while soaking up the 100 degree weather and enjoying the view! IMG_1518.JPG

I’m using this blog as a place to keep track of what I’ve read, as well as to make recommendations to those that are interested! I’ve always loved to read, and I’m excited to connect with others that feel the same way!



Something in the Water

Recommended by Reese Witherspoon’s book club, Something in the Water – a novel by Catherine Steadman is one of the best book that I’ve read in a long time!

The first chapter of this book – which is a thriller – basically reveals the ending, the main character Erin digging a grave. The rest of the book is spent explaining how she exactly found herself in that posi51GyaUIKFOL._SX327_BO1,204,203,200_.jpgtion.

We quickly learn about Erin, and her husband Mark. Mark loses his job right before his and Erin’s wedding, which reveals a slightly different side of him. The way that Mark is described I felt torn the entire book on whether to think of him as a sweet guy, or if he was eerily up to something.

After their wedding, the couple discovers something shocking on their honeymoon, and what’s most shocking is what they do about it. I went back and forth on whether Erin was delusional, or if Mark was making her feel that way.

What I liked most of this book is what while it was a thriller, I didn’t feel like it was mildly appropriate for young readers as well as old – there really wasn’t the blood & guts stuff that you read in most other thrillers.

Like I said, this is one of the best books that I’ve read in a long time – so go out and buy it :)!


Texas Book Festival 2018

In my previous post I referenced the Texas Book Festival, and after moving to Austin, TX at the beginning of the summer I’ve been thinking about this festival ever since! As you’ve noticed, I absolutely love to read, so to be surrounded by other people that feel the same way is a dream come true. Along with being surrounded by fellow readers, there is something so special about meeting an author you admire. My favorite author that I’ve met so far is John Sandford (maybe a blog post on him later?)

The Texas Book Festival is held in Austin, TX at the State Capital Building – both in and outside, so let’s hope for nice weather! One of the best things about the festival is that it’s completely free. I can almost guarantee it will be hard to find a parking spot, so I plan to take an Uber!

There will be over 250 authors at the festival, and at least one book needs to be purchased from the BookPeople tent in order to join the signing lines and meet the authors! Since the festival is free, I think this is a small price to pay!

On Saturday, October 17th the Texas Book Festival runs from 10am-5pm, and Sunday from 11am-5pm. There will be food trucks both days if you plan to be there for lunch and dinner (which I will be!)

I’m already counting down the days! Does anyone else plan on attending?!

Into the Black Nowhere

I highly recommend award winning author Meg Gardiner’s novel Into the Black Nowhere. 

I only recently read about Meg Gardiner, as I was reading about the Texas Book Festival held at the end of October, here in Austin, TX. I was looking at the authors that would be attending, and started a list of who I wanted to meet. Meg will be attending and I added her to the list because she recently wrote this book, Into the Black Nowhere, based in Texas – really close to where I live! To be completely honest – this book really scared the pants off of me, and I ended up buying a taser after reading it!!

For me, this book was an all-time thriller. It was inspired by Ted Bundy, who is an actual real life serial killer – which makes it even more thrilling.

Into the Black Nowhere foc515kVk8UGhL._SX329_BO1,204,203,200_.jpguses on FBI Special Agent Caitlin Hendrix, as she tries to solve the case of an out of control serial killer in Texas. She travels through the state as the serial killer finds his victims.

If you are familiar with Texas, especially the Austin area, I think you will find this an interesting read! Knowing some of the places that were mentioned in the book gave me a much better visual.

This book will keep you at the edge of your seat the entire time; Hendrix is so close to finding the truth the entire time – it feels so good when she finally does!

As Sick as Our Secrets

Secrets.jpgOn Monday I started reading As Sick as Our Secrets, written by bestselling author A.B. Whelan, and I finished the book last night. I felt like this was a quick read – I read for around an hour every night this week – but it definitely didn’t lack content.

As Sick as Our Secrets is described as a “fast-paced thriller with strong characters,” which I found to be completely true. The book starts introducing two of the main characters, and a third one towards the middle. The three main characters, Olivia, Ashley and Betty, come from very different walks of life but work together to unveil a serial killer, whom Olivia knows very well – her husband.

After discovering her husband’s secret, Olivia trusts Ashley and Betty to help her discover the truth. I read so many suspense books I don’t often feel scared while reading them, but as these women were doing their undercover detective work my heart started beating quickly more than once.

I thought As Sick as Our Secrets was the right amount of suspense, mixed with enough drama to keep me interested through the entire book. I was really impressed with the writing of A.B. Whelan, and I’ll definitely be checking out more of her books in the future! I also need to add that this book is part of Kindle Unlimited – so I got to read this one for free :)!

If you’re interested in purchasing this book, check it out here!

The Purpose Driven Life

I 10/10 recommend Rick Warren’s The Purpose Driven Life.

I bought this book soon after we moved to Austin, TX from MN. Moving across the country with my fiance’ to a place that was unknown to us was equally exciting as it was unnerving. I remember the day that I bought this book from Barnes and Noble, and it was exactly what I needed.

The Purpose Driven Life gives us an understanding of how God has a purpose for all of us, and helps us find it.Purpose Driven Life.jpg

There are 40 chapters in the book, and Rick Warren challenges you to read only one chapter each day to give us time to think and apply what we just read. This challenge was super hard for me – when I start a book I don’t want to put it down! In the long run, I knew that there was a reason for it, and I’m grateful that I decided to follow it.

At the end of each chapter is a question to consider, which is related to how you are going to apply what you just read to your life. Each chapter is meant to get you closer to finding your purpose, and how you will be growing closer to God as you do so.

The Purpose Driven Life helped me see things differently, but I didn’t feel like it was a “self help” type of book. Everything that I read felt very genuine, and I found myself excited for the question to consider at the end of each chapter and thinking about how I was going to apply it to my life the next day.

For anyone that wants to start living The Purpose Driven Life, this is something that I recommend!

Tell Me a Secret

Tell Me a Secret.jpgTell Me a Secret, by author Samantha Hayes is described as “a gripping psychological thriller with heart-stopping mystery and suspense,” and I completely agree.

I’m a fan of authors using the first few pages of the book to bring the reader up to date with the past, which Tell Me a Secret does. It gives me insight into why the characters are the way they are.

After hearing about the past, we’re brought back to present day to learn about one of the seemingly perfect main characters, Lorna, who has a huge secret to hide from her past. She thinks she is doing a great job at hiding it, and thought she had tied up all of her loose ends. After meeting Lorna, we’re introduced to Nikki.

Throughout the whole book I was trying to figure out how Lorna and Nikki were connected – author Samantha Hayes did a great job at revealing enough information that you were able to come up with your own theories about their relationship, but left enough out so that you were completed shocked when you found out the truth at the end.

We hear from both Lorna and Nikki throughout Tell Me a Secretand I love how we get two views of the same situation. I definitely recommend reading this book to find out how their lives are intertwined, and what secret Lorna is trying to hide!


The Perfect Husband

I absolutely love reading on my Kindle for many reasons, one of them being that I’m given book recommendations that are usually spot on! My latest recommendation was The Perfect Husband, by author Buffy Andrews, which I would describe as a psychological thriller, and at $2.99 it was a book that I couldn’t pass up!

Suspense/Psychological Thriller books are my favorite genre to read, but many times I find that the suspense is either too drawn out that I’ve lost interest by the end of the book, or it’s too short and I find myself wishing that the book was longer. The Perfect Husband provided a perfect amount of detail, in the right amount of pages.

During the first few chapters, we’re introduced to the relatable main character, and are given a glimpse into her dating life with a few laughable stories which keeps the beginning of the book light.

Early in the book the main character finds herself in a new relationship, as I continued I soon realized that everything wasn’t as it seemed, and we are introduced to an unraveling twist. The twist of the book is revealed at a great time; there was enough time left to tie everything together, without drawing it out.

The final conclusion of the book leaves readers with an emotional message, “you survived, you’re a winner, you matter.” To make sense of the final sentence – check out The Perfect Husband!